Kia ora, below are five select projects I’m proud to have been part of..

East London Waterworks Park

🌱A New Space
for East London

A community-led project to transform an underused concrete depot into a biodiverse park with natural swimming ponds, creating a vibrant green space for the community. As a volunteer I have been involved in several creative expressions of the project; including an an ABC book of local species and a cinema advert that plays locally (which an art director and I put together over a weekend).

Ketchum & AMV for Bodyform

🏛️ A Museum
of Period Pain

A virtual museum at the heart of the Cannes Titanium Grand Prix #PainsStories project, challenging the silence around period pain and fostering understanding and support. By raising awareness and creating dialogue, we aimed to help others find the support and understanding they needed.

Havas London & Cake for Rekorderlig

🍹A Mixed-
Reality Bar

At Havas / Cake, we had the pleasure of creating a captivating bar experience for Rekorderlig. Our team brought cocktails to life and crafted midsummer crowns using augmented fruit. Through the use of Magic Leap headsets, visitors at London’s Southbank were transported into the enchanting world of “Rekorder-land,” where they could explore a hyperreal world of flavours and wonder.

Havas London for The Department for Education

✏️ Every Lesson
Shapes A Life

A brand new identity and launch campaign that celebrated the profound impact of teachers through personal stories and reflections, elevating their status and inspiring appreciation. Alongside shaping the brand identity, I also had the opportunity to direct the radio and the social films featuring street-cast adults reflecting on the positive influence their teachers had on their personal journeys.

Work Club, Dirt & Glory and Open Space Agency for Ballantine’s

A 3D-Printed
Space Glass

At the centre of this Work Club campaign was a 3D-printed product, which works as an elegant drinking tumbler in microgravity. (Yes it really does work – we checked at the Bremen Drop Tower.) For a whisky that has remained the same for more than 200 years, this project imagined taking scotch into the future. The campaign included over 150 assets and was launched in the New York Times science section.

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